A cost and resource analysis of sodium-ion batteries


A cost and resource analysis of sodium-ion batteries

It is really not true if one comes to claim today that Na-ion batteries are much cheaper than Li-ion batteries. It is a very long way to go for Na-ion batteries.

"...However, the frequently discussed cost advantage of sodium-ion batteries has, so far, not been examined in detail. In this Perspective, we use the Battery Performance and Cost (BatPaC) model to undertake a cost analysis of the materials for sodium-ion and lithium-ion cells, as well as complete batteries, and determine the effect of exchanging lithium with sodium, as well as the effect of replacing the material used for the anode current collector foil, on the cost...."

Ref. Nature Reviews Materials volume 3, Article number: 18013 (2018)


ASC is advanced sodium-ion cathode
FSC is future sodium-ion cathode
aPHC is advanced phosphorus/hard carbon composite
sG is synthetic graphite
sHC is standard hard carbon
SiC is silicon/carbon composite.

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